Tora Carter Media LLC remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of these copyrighted images. You (the person downloading this file) can not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away these visuals or a derivative thereof. You can not and do not have permission to allow a third-party to use these images in any way. By downloading #StockBundles you acknowledge the images come with a creative commons, non-exclusive limited use license. This means you can use the photos for almost anything related to your website, blog or business that you are not intending to sell. Feel free to crop images, add text overlays, and layer them with other images. You may not otherwise edit, alter or manipulate these images. If you are creating a free course or e-book that you are planning to give away for free to your audience, then you are able to use these photos as long as the images cannot be extracted from your final product. If you intend to sell your e-book, course, product, webinar or workbook and you want to use these images please email us at tora@toracarter.com to purchase an extended license.

You can not use these images to promote photography sessions or photoshoots. You may not falsely represent that you or someone else took any of these images. You do not have permission to use these images to promote styling related workshops, webinars, live classes, masterclasses, how-to blog posts, flatlays, stock photos, newsletters or any styling related training. You may not use these images in any way that permits a third party to download, extract, or redistribute the image as a single file. You can not use these images in any way that is in direct competition to Tora Carter Media LLC.

If you are caught violating any of the #Stockbundles terms you will be contacted by my lawyer, promptly removed and not welcomed back.