Feel confident using your DSLR to take magazine quality pictures for your blog.

DSLR Essentials For Bloggers : Advance Your Career With Photography | taught by Tora Carter
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Tora Carter
Tora Carter
Ediorial Photographer

About the Instructor

Hi I'm Tora, Editorial Photographer & Instructor from Boston, MA. After graduating from New England School of Photography I became a nationally published Portrait Photographer. Later I worked with companies like ESSENCE.com, Atlanta Naturals, The World Natural Hair Show and The City of Boston before changing my direction and helping entrepreneurs develop their brands with photography. The realistic style, use of color, and dynamic lighting in my images allow them to stand out in the crowd. After ten years in the industry my clients will tell you how I easily created the pictures they desired.

In addition to providing custom visuals, I teach photography. My students will tell you how my simple methods taught them how to take magazine quality pictures and set up traditional studio lighting for photography and video.

Let's advance your career, increase your income and stand out in a saturated market with photography.

This photography course teaches bloggers how to feel confident using professional DSLR cameras and equipment. Learn the exact buttons to push and how to use natural sunlight, so you take magazine quality pictures every time.

Plus learn exactly what equipment you need and how to save thousands.

If you want to learn:

  • How to use your DSLR like a professional
  • How to take pictures in natural light with ease
  • How to use a reflector to take custom stock photos and flatlays
  • The exact equipment every blogger must own

Then this course is for you!

Learn how to use a Reflector

Take magazine quality pictures for your blog.

Create custom stock photos for your website, social media accounts and webinars.

Eliminate the need to constantly hire professional photographers and save thousands.


Course Contents

11 Videos
10 Texts
3 PDFs

Course Curriculum